How Quadrifolium Calls Minters to Mint The Largest NFT Collection and Win Lifetime Royalties!

An Introduction to Quadrifolium

Quadrifolium was built as the world’s first Binance Smart Chain NFT social network. Innovative concepts like lucky minting, lazy minting, minimal sales fees, and a fantastic broker network that helps boost sales and profits are only some of the features that set the platform apart from competitors. Quadrifolium looks after the interest of both creators and buyers alike.

  • The First NFT Social Network: Quadrifolium allows you to follow your favorite creators, collectors, or NFTs and see when tokens are listed on sale, all on a state-of-the-art Binance smart chain marketplace.
  • Easy to Use: Quadrifolium’s rising popularity can easily be attributed to its dedicated focus on user experience. An extremely user-friendly interface makes it the first choice for many when it comes to creating, minting, buying, and selling NFTs.
  • Free Listing: Quadrifolium has no NFT listing costs attached, making it the best platform for NFT buyers and sellers. Creators on Quadrifolium do not have to worry about subscription charges or minting fees if they choose the free minting option.
  • Very Low Minting Fees: Quadrifolium minting charges are only around a flat $1 plus gas fees and seldom exceed $2. Since it’s on the Binance Smart Chain, users need not worry about high gas prices like on the Ethereum network.
  • Lucky Minting (Mint to Earn Lifetime Royalties): A Quadrifolium innovation, lucky minting allows interested users to either mint both their creations and the creations of others. As a reward, you will receive lifetime royalties on the NFTs you mint for others!
  • Lazy Minting (Free Minting): Creators can opt for free or lazy minting that lets them sell without minting their NFTs.
  • Royalties For Buyers: Buying NFTs straight from creators who did not mint their creations will give investors 10% lifetime royalties on them!
  • Low Sales Fee: For every NFT transaction, Quadrifolium only charges a 2.5% service fee making it one of the most affordable platforms available today.
  • Top Brokerage Service: Quadrifolium provides a simple yet effective broker service for boosting sales. You can offer commissions when listing your NFT creations to receive more bids as brokers market for you. Alternatively, you can become a broker and earn commissions.
  • Earn BNB: You can earn Binance Coin (BNB) for every artwork or asset sold on Quadrifolium. BNB has many uses as it reduces the cost of operations on Binance and is a good investment.

What Makes Minting on Quadrifolium Unique!

Minting cryptocurrencies is a computing process where you validate information, create a new block, and record the info into the blockchain. The advantage of minting on Quadrifolium is that the minting fees are comparatively less than other similar platforms. Quadrifolium calculates the minting fees in BNB (a symbolic $1) besides the gas fees that could vary from one cryptocurrency to the other. However, Quadrifolium ensures that the total fees payable do not exceed more than one digit. Besides charging the lowest fees, Quadrifolium allows minters to earn royalties on CryptoClovers. CryptoClovers are a proof of ownership NFT and are considered the world’s largest digital art collection. CryptoClovers exist on the Binance Smart Chain and are well-known for their unique design, authenticity, and a limited number of supplies.

How You Can Earn Royalties By Minting CryptoClovers

One can earn royalties in two ways by minting CryptoClovers on Quadrifolium.

  • Minter — The minter has to connect their wallet and pay the respective minting fee of the non-minted creations in BNB. Under such circumstances, they can earn 3% royalty on their collections every time someone buys them. One can search for non-minted creations by exploring their NFT profile using the search filters. Then, they can mint them by clicking on the Mint button.
  • Collector — Purchasing non-minted creations directly from the creators entitles them to receive a 10% royalty reward on every subsequent sale. One can search for non-minted creations using the search filters. They can then proceed to mint them from its profile after clicking on the Buy button.

Final Words

Four-leaf clovers have a reputation for being the harbingers of fortune for their owners. The same concept is being introduced to the digital world by Quadrifolium through CryptoClovers. The opportunity is ripe for minters as Quadrifolium calls investors to mint or buy CryptoClovers to play an active role in creating a Guinness World Record that will make them earn passive income.




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