Quadrifolium — The First And The Coolest NFT Social Network For Artists, Collectors & Investors!

5 min readJun 13, 2022


Quadrifolium is the world’s first Binance Smart Chain NFT social network. The platform’s innovations benefit both creators and collectors, while its features like low sales fees, lucky minting for royalties, and brokerage service boost profits and sales by a considerable margin.

NFTs are the next big thing in the crypto universe. Total sales surged to $2.5 billion in the first half of 2021 alone, causing the NFT market cap to grow by 1785%. Until recently, however, all available NFT marketplaces had a major drawback. Creators and Collectors had no means of socializing or connecting easily.

Quadrifolium, the world’s first Binance Smart Chain NFT social network, was designed ground up to solve this issue. It provides a social environment for people to connect and trade digital art. It features Innovative concepts like lucky minting, lazy minting, minimal sales fees, fast transactions and a fantastic broker network that helps boost sales and profits.

Read on to know what all these terms mean and what sets Quadrifolium apart.

What Sets Quadrifolium Apart?

There are many reasons collectors and creators would love to be part of Quadrifolium. A first-mover advantage, low fees, free listing, major royalty opportunities, brokerage, and more are just some of these. Quadrifolium looks after the interest of both creators and buyers alike.

Some reasons to choose Quadrifolium are:

  • Quadrifolium is Social: Quadrifolium allows you to follow your favorite creators, collectors, or NFTs and see when they list tokens for sale, all on a state-of-the-art Binance smart chain marketplace.
  • Quadrifolium is Simple: One of the major reasons for Quadrifolium’s popularity is its focus on user experience. Its user-friendly interface makes it the #1 choice for creating, minting, buying, and selling NFTs.
  • Free Listing: What makes Quadrifolium a go-to platform for NFT buyers and sellers is that no NFT listing costs are attached. When you create your NFT on Quadrifolium, you do not have to worry about subscription charges, or minting fees if needed. Creating NFTs doesn’t get easier than just uploading it!
  • Low Minting Charges: The minting charges at Quadrifolium are low compared to other platforms, $1 plus gas charges, and should never exceed $2. Besides, as it runs on the Binance Smart Chain, users do not have to worry about very high gas prices like on the ethereum network.
  • Lucky Minting (Mint to Earn Lifetime Royalties): A Quadrifolium innovation, lucky minting allows interested users to either mint both their creations and the creations of others. As a reward, you will receive lifetime royalties on the NFTs you mint for others!
  • Lazy Minting (Free Minting): Creators can opt for free or lazy minting that lets them sell without minting their NFTs.
  • Royalties For Buyers: Buying NFTs straight from creators who did not mint their creations will give investors 10% lifetime royalties on them!
  • Low Sales Fee: For every NFT transaction, Quadrifolium only charges a 2.5% service fee making it one of the most affordable platforms available today.
  • Top Brokerage Service: Quadrifolium provides a simple yet effective broker service for boosting sales. You can offer commissions when listing your NFT creations to receive more bids as brokers market for you. Alternatively, you can become a broker and earn commissions.
  • Earn BNB: You can earn Binance Coin (BNB) for every artwork or asset sold on Quadrifolium. BNB has many uses as it reduces the cost of operations on Binance and is a good investment.

Invest In CryptoClovers On Quadrifolium

Quadrifolium gained popularity for its introduction of CryptoClovers, an iconic NFT art collection. Four-leaf clovers are considered lucky when placed in wallets, and CryptoClovers have been created to fulfill the same purpose, i.e., bring prosperity to its users. CryptoClovers are currently in the process of being reviewed by the Guinness World’s Records for the position of the world’s largest NFT collection. After the Guinness Record is achieved, prices are expected to rise, giving first-movers a significant advantage!

Quadrifolium Offers Many Benefits For Artists And Investors

As mentioned earlier, both artists and investors can benefit from a free listing, low fees, lazy minting, and lucky minting. Artists can also benefit from social networking to increase their reach and from the broker system or network to conveniently connect with interested parties. NFTs are an excellent investment option in crypto booms, and Quadrifolium ensures that investors find the right NFTs. Furthermore, the chance of minting NFTs and the associated royalties system guarantees a lifetime of profit for people who are not necessarily artists.

How To Mint On Quadrifolium

Minting refers to validating information digitally and creating a new block on the blockchain. Minting NFTs ensures that a portion of the royalty gets credited to your account every time it is re-sold.

Here are three easy ways of minting on Quadrifolium:

  • For creators: Pay minting fees in BNB when listing your creations, and you will always be rewarded a 10% lifetime royalty fee when someone buys them. If your designs have not already been minted by someone else, all you need to do is, click the “Mint” button on your NFT profile if you did not not mint them at the time of the creation.
  • For minters: Connect your wallet and pay the minting fees of a non-minted BNB creation to earn 3% lifetime royalty every time someone buys the NFT. Non-minted NFTs can be found with filters on the search page and minted after clicking the “Mint” button.
  • For collectors (Primary buyers): Purchasing non-minted creations directly from creators will always give you a 10% royalty fee when someone else buys them. Non-minted NFTs can be found on the search page filters and can simply be bought by clicking on the “buy” button.

To know if an NFT was already minted, you can visit its profile and check the “Mint” button. If a black button showing “Minted” is displayed, it has been minted already.

Final Words

Quadrifolium is a unique NFT social network with innovative royalties systems, including lucky minting and lazy minting, along with numerous benefits for collectors, investors, and artists, such as free listing and low fees, and simple brokerage services. It also features an extensive collection of collectibles that promise to be a good investment. The platform enables creators, buyers, and sellers to earn profits in more ways than one, and all signs indicate that it will take a leading role in the NFT market in the coming days!