Superstitions In The Crypto World: Be Ready To Grab The Good Luck Token, CryptoClovers Is Here!

5 min readJun 13, 2022


While the project is yet to start, it may be an excellent time to know what CryptoClovers are and how they can bring good luck to those who have them. Quadrofolium’s CryptoClovers is a unique collection of NFTs. Since they are limited in number, one needs to be on the lookout; for the early bird catches the worm.

If one had invested in Bitcoin between 2009 and 2012, they are reaping the benefits manifold now. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are predicted to follow a similar route. It does not matter how one looks at them, a collectible item or an investment opportunity; their value will only increase with time! If you want to increase the odds of succeeding in the crypto world, you need to have the first-mover advantage. Here is one opportunity that could reap benefits and add value to your crypto portfolio in the forthcoming future.

NFTs and CryptoClovers

NFTs can turn out to be very valuable, running into millions of dollars. According to the website that tracks NFT transactions, about 93 million dollars worth of deals was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2020 and more than $2 billion in the first quarter of 2021. So, there’s good reason to jump onto the NFT bandwagon if one aspires to be a digital art collector.

You may be familiar with the Irish superstition of the four-leaf clover symbolizing luck, hence the term, ‘the luck of the Irish.’ The four-leafed clover is unique. The four leaves represent faith, hope, love, and success. The Druids or Celtic priests believed them to offer magical protection and ward off bad luck. The possibility of finding a four-leafed clover is one in ten thousand. So, if one does find it, it is considered excellent luck!

Quadrifolium brings this good luck and fortune to the digital world of crypto with a collection of lucky tokens called CryptoClovers. Quadrifolium suggests holders place some in their digital wallets along with some of their trade earnings; in that way, they are destined for success. Of course it does´t stop here. The concept of luck as been pushed even further. Indeed, Cryptoclovers were designed and developed to redistribute royalties and passive ownership of NFTs. It may be just the right time to grab some, as they are very affordable at the moment.

Superstition And Its Influence On People

Who among us does not indulge in at least one or a few superstitious beliefs? They may be harmless such as choking on one’s food which means someone remembers them at that moment, or a pair of boots that bring good luck for a soccer game.

Some superstitions are passed on from one culture to another, such as the famous ‘touch wood’ used to hope and pray nothing untoward may happen to loved ones. It possibly has its roots in Celtic belief and people called upon the spirits that resided in trees for protection. Christians associate this magical power with the wooden cross.

A superstition such as ‘stepping on a crack’ is believed to cause harm to a family member, or a black cat is considered evil by associating black with darkness, evil, or death. In Russia, offering yellow flowers is symbolic of infidelity, separation, or death.

Specific numbers have their fair share of being unfortunate. The number four in China, due to its pronunciation matching the word ‘death’ and thirteen usually along with Friday, is considered unlucky for different reasons depending on various cultures worldwide. So, how are superstitions associated with wealth?

Superstition And Wealth

Like specific numbers, colors, and practices that inspire positivity or terrible incidents, some superstitions are associated with wealth. Itchy palms indicate flowing wealth, the direction of which depends on whether it’s the left palm or the right palm. A left itchy palm means you are to lose money, while a right itchy palm means you will come upon money (sometimes it may be the other way round). In India, people believe it is bad luck to place your purse on the floor since money is often associated with Goddess Lakshmi (the God of Wealth). Hence, the same respect towards money. Figurines of the laughing Buddha are kept in many parts of the world, believing it will bring happiness and prosperity. Rubbing the tummy of the Buddha is thought to make you rich.

In China, gamblers consider pregnant women as good luck if they are standing next to them, though they will never gamble with them as that would bring bad luck to them. Anything red is avoided in the southeast corner of the room as this corner brings in ‘wealth luck.’ Among other superstitions, wearing a jade ring on the little finger of the left hand for men and the little finger of the right hand for women is considered to bring wealth.

Cryptoclovers And Superstition

Though one lives in an age where education teaches reason and practicality, one cannot help adopt cultural beliefs and practices. After all, it is what we learned before attaining formal education. Not all superstitions are outlandish or weird. The ancients invented some to protect children and communities and bring positivity among people. The CryptoClovers is one among those.

Possessing a CryptoClover in your digital wallet is considered to attract more wealth. Perhaps, the higher the value of the clover, the more wealth it may draw. In the ancient beliefs of the Celtics, the four-leafed clover is considered to bring good luck to the finder. CryptoClovers are of different values, each based on their rarity and theme. The ones from the rarest themes may be limited to just over 300 in number. If one can place at least one of these in their wallet, there is no telling how much luck it may bring considering the fact such ownership is also attached to royalties that can bring nice passive income.


Whatever one’s belief in superstition is, owning a CryptoClover in one’s wallet can only be beneficial. They can only be purchased using the Binance (BNB) cryptocurrency from Make sure to have some BNB ready in the wallet as one may not want to miss a great opportunity. After all, one would want just the right CryptoClover in the wallet to bring the right amount of good luck.