Top 3 NFT Projects That Investors And Art-Lovers Can Still Get Their Hands On!

#3. CryptoKitties

#2. CryptoPunks

#1. CryptoClovers

Why Are CryptoClovers Great NFTs To Invest In?

  1. It is completely new on the market and the prices are still affordable. CryptoClovers is also considered a haven for artists, investors, and collectors alike. Blockchain ensures that the entire transaction is safe and secure and the ownership is intact and not tampered with no matter how many times the art may be reproduced. Collectively, CryptoClovers has proved to be an ideal diversion from the more expensive CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties.
  2. 2. CryptoClovers are the first non-fungible lucky tokens that appeared on the scene in 2021. CryptoClovers represent the concept of four-leaf clovers on the blockchain, which are always seen as a symbol of fortune. There is also the presence of the four-leaf clovers, which is believed to bring good luck. The peculiar clover is the design in which the art collection is saved and is indeed a major aspect that attracts the fancy of investors and collectors. Those willing to expend them are in for a treat since CryptoClovers are pretty affordable for the time being. It is still moving up the ladder and is nowhere as pricey as its earlier predecessors. However, given the propensity to have NFTs with unique themes, it is highly likely that CryptoClovers will be the brightest star in the NFT sky soon.
  3. CryptoClovers, as mentioned earlier, has the world’s most extensive collection of digital art. It is the second and perhaps the most appropriate reason for CryptoClovers being the new talked-about NFT in the market. However, one has to understand that investing in CryptoClovers is a long-term affair. Art forms by nature are long-term investments. An investor will have to give time for its value to build up and get the best price while selling it. Collectors, on the other hand, have an immense appetite for absorbing masterpieces. Both require tremendous patience and effort.
  4. Royalties: The primary reason behind the rise of CryptoClovers and its global adoption is the importance it provides for royalty owners, creators, and collectors. Minters or primary collectors of CryptoClovers will earn royalties, giving them a source of passive income each time the artwork is sold and resold.

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